national and international CORAL competition


1. When do I have to submit my documentation by?

Documentation supporting each person and numbered according to the Rules must be submitted before FEBRUARY 10th. We ask you to pay particular attention to legibility and the number of copies to be submitted of works to be performed, to the list of chorists and to the format of photographs submitted of the Choir.

2. How can I submit the documentation?
All documents received by you in electronic format, in particular the Entry Form, can be returned to us by email and then included with other requested documents for submission by Post. The Entry Form date will be taken as the date stamp on the posted completed submission.

3. How can I pay the Entry Fee?
The Entry Fee of euro 100 can be paid via Postal Order, Bank Transfer to the bank co-ordinates shown below or by Credit Card following instructions on the Il Garda in Coro website  The Fee must be paid in amounts equal to each category for which Entry to the competition is requested.

4. How should I fill in the Entry Form?
The Entry Form contains all the official data of the competing Choir, from their references and choice of music for each Entry Category to accommodation, the programme to be presented and participation in the various concerts. As the main data will be used for publicity it is important that the information is carefully compiled and presented both for names and data of the repertoire to be presented by the Choir in the Competition and for the information about its composers and elaborators.  The person compiling the Electronic Form will have responsibility for everything declared therein.

5. How can I sort out any technical questions concerning the programme to be presented by our choir at the Competition and/or concerning musical accompaniment?
Please send an email about any of these concerns to us at: 

6. How and When will I receive confirmation of our Entry to the Competition?

Confirmation will be communicated by email to the person nominated as ‘Responsible’ on the Entry Form and to the Choir Director by the 10th MARCH.  The official communication will also show the timetable and dates of the competition exhibitions for each category and also for the special concerts. After the official confirmation of Entry, each choir will receive specific information about their accommodation and ways of making their stay in Malcesine as enjoyable as possible.

7. How can I ask further questions?
For any further questions, our staff will be happy to reply to your emailed questions at